Our Whisky

Our water originates from Lake Saint Clair – the deepest lake in Australia carved out by ice during several glaciations over the last two million years. It then flows into the pristine Derwent River and is directly sourced as it passes through the Estate.

The barley, which is grown, harvested and malted on the estate, will then be mashed and combined with our unique yeast for fermentation and finally distilled in our copper pot stills on Lawrenny Estate. The finest oak barrels will mature the whisky, ready for bottling in 2019 .

The result will be a pure Single Estate Whisky and one of the finest tasting single malt whiskies on the market.

Limited Barrel Release

Lawrenny will be making available for sale a limited number of barrels of Single Malt Whisky. To be one of the first to purchase, please register your details below.

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