Saint Clair Vodka

The crystal waters of Lake Saint Clair are some of the world’s most pure. Swept by wild Antarctic winds, these pristine waters meld gently into the River Derwent, and down through Lawrenny Estate.

Saint Clair Vodka incorporates these pristine waters, truly encompassing the purity of the region and delivering a crisp and clean palate. With a very careful selection of botanicals, such as rose buds found in the gardens, herbaceous thyme and classic lemon zest, we ensure that the signature style of Lawrenny is found in each glass.

BRONZE – 2018 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards
Best in Class – 2018 American Distillers Awards

Tasting notes
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Profile: Floral and elegant with citrus and a rich, pillowy mouth feel
Saint Clair Vodka