Sydney Gin Palooza

What: Sydney Gin Palooza


Where: Paddington Town Hall

Cost: From $70

What is the Sydney Gin Palooza?

The Universal meaning of Palooza is Fun-Filled Party with Gin.


You all know that GIN is now the IN drink and that the variations of the G&T or Gin cocktail are endless. We recognise that the craft gin distillers need a lovely, large ‘home’ to show you their new releases, their Christmas releases and their award-winners.

So we have hired the Paddington Town Hall for a few days and invited 40 distillers to bring their gin into Sydney to share with you. And of course the hunger bug will bite so we have invited four of Sydney’s top Tapas makers to join us.

With your ticket you can choose from as many of the 200 gins you can responsibly handle, chat to the distillers about how they make their gin and how is it best served and buy a bottle or two to take home.

Just to add further interest to the sessions we have invited three New Zealand gin companies to join it – so have a go at comparing them with their Aussie cousins.

Pick up a $5 Tapas slider and enjoy your heart away!

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